Donald Trump, what does his astrological chart say about him?

  in scopeem - September 29, 2016

donald-trump birth chart

Donald Trump is one of the most controversial public figures, and certainly one of the most interesting Presidential candidates and Presidents of all times. What does his astrological chart say about him?

So here is the thing about Donald Trump. He is not all that he appears on Television.  Donald is a Gemini Sun, with a Sagittarius moon and Leo rising. What does that mean in regular language? He’s brilliant, has a dual nature and is an idealist. Leo Rising makes him appear to be extremely arrogant, and he takes his role as a leader very personally (read immaturely) However, his Leo rising is just a front. He uses it as a mask or wears it for the public world to see. He can easily compartmentalize his feelings and has no problems with acting one way for some people, and completely different for another. As long as it serves what he considers a higher purpose.

His Sun is in the 10th house, conjunct his north node and Uranus, opposing his Moon in the 4th. His career and public life are his focus and should be his focus during his life. He is a natural leader, and very comfortable with career being his focus. However, he constantly struggles with a sense that he has to do it alone. He feels it’s his responsibility to fix the world. His mercury is in Cancer; making him critical, and often misunderstood. His opinions often change, and he can appear to be moody. People with mercury in cancer are often very critical.

He has Jupiter, Neptune, nd Chiron all in his 2nd house of money and security. Jupiter tends to bring abundance in a chart, so it’s no surprise that Jupiter is in the 2nd house of Money in one of the world’s richest men.  However, his Chiron in the second and while this indicates that he can make great amounts of money, it’s a constant wound for him. Perhaps the wound there is what gives him the drive to always try and create more and more security for himself and his family.

His Moon in Sagittarius is buried in his 4th house. While he does express his opinions boldly, even carelessly, what we don’t see is that he is SINCERE and idealistic. He believes deep down (though feels compelled to keep those feelings private) a sense that things should be a certain way. Family, Country, America, Apple Pie. Those are real, but you won’t get to see him choke up about it too much. However, what you will see is his deep love of family, and that everything (and with moon in Sagittarius) he truly could believe that his country is considered HIS country. He takes responsibility for it.

Mars Rising means, he’s a warrior and comes off as a bully. He will fight for what he believes. His mars is in Leo, and he takes great offense when someone questions his motives. This is definitely a pride thing. He has tremendous amounts of energy, and that is a lifelong thing. He also has a very strong willpower, and always seeks out perfection.

So to sum it up, Donald Trump is brilliant, an idealist, a family man, extremely hard working and a natural leader.  There you have it. He truly believes he can fix America, in fact he believes he is the only one who can.

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