Full Moon in Taurus- and a Supermoon

  in Uncategorized - May 9, 2017

What does it mean that there is a Full Moon in Taurus, let alone a supermoon?

You should go outside and check out the moon, especially when there is a Full Moon in Taurus. Hopefully, you can see it. The best time to view it will be before dawn, however, it should be impressive anytime you see it. Supermoons aren’t rare, but this moon will appear the biggest since 1948, and according to NASA you won’t see it again this size again until 2034.

I love seeing cool phenomenon’s in space. But as an astrologer, I am more interested in what effect these events will have on us and our behavior. A supermoon is just a full moon that appears closer to the earth at certain times. A full moon is a period where the Sun and the moon are opposite each other. We have the Sun in Scorpio right now, and the moon in Taurus. The moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it is a very comfortable and harmonious place for the moon to be. Full moons, in general, are a time of heightened emotions and tension.

What does a Full Moon in Taurus mean for you?

What’s interesting about Taurus, is there is little distinction between the physical and the emotional. They are one and the same. So, I expect to see more people acting out their emotions in a physical way. Are you stressed? You may find yourself eating more, trying to sleep more. If you are angry, well, that too might come out in a physical way. (No you still shouldn’t riot), but it’s a great time to use physical energy to calm yourself down. Go for a walk, breathe. If you are happy, you might feel like overindulging. Try and surround yourself with healthy outlets during this time.

Don’t worry, these effects only last a couple days.

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