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  in scopeem - March 14, 2016

Hello Friends!

Tomorrow we will experience the New Moon in the sign of Aries. A new moon is when the sun, earth and moon are in alignment and this occurs once per month. Every month it’s in a different zodiac sign and the energy of the new moon can be felt differently for each person depending on where you have the particular sign in your natal chart. However, every person will experience the overall effects of a new moon somewhat similarly.
For example, tomorrow (April 7, 2016) the new moon is in Aries. Aries rules the 1st house of the zodiac, and is the house that represents our physical body, our appearance and our sense of self. Aries is a fiery sign, and often can be brave but impulsive.

The new moon is typically a time of new beginnings. In particular this new moon since it is a new moon in the 1st house can represent a total brand new beginning for the year. We often think of a calendar year as a time to re-boot, but in reality, spring is our natural time, and in particular the new moon in Aries. So, pay attention. This is the perfect time to set goals for yourself, for your health, exercise goals, weight loss goals, or any other challenging goals that require a great deal of energy output. In addition, if you know the details of your natal birth chart, take a look at where Aries is located, look to that house to see where you will have renewed energy, or where to plant seeds for change. The new moon tomorrow will be at 18 degrees in Aries, so anyone with planets around that degree point in the angular signs will also feel them activated. Enjoy tomorrow’s renewed time of energy everyone!!

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