New Moon in Scorpio

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What does it mean to have a new moon in Scorpio?

During the new moon in Scorpio, the sun and the moon are conjunct in the same sign. This brings about a concentration of energies in that sign. Moon transits are very short, the effects last around 2 ½ days. Their significance serves mainly as catalysts. They are a time for new beginnings.

A new moon in Scorpio will feel a bit more powerful than most new moons. Naturally, Scorpio rules the 8th house, so the nature of a Scorpio new moon will be one of renewal and rebirth. Scorpio rules things like death, sex, other people’s money and taxes. The 8th house is not a place for cowards. I like to look at 8th house matters as anything that is a bit uncomfortable to talk about. You have to go through some turmoil to experience rebirth or regeneration. Things need to die before they can be reborn. If you know which house of yours is ruled by Scorpio, that’s the house that you will feel this the most.

How should you approach a new moon in Scorpio?

Take some time and think about what is not working for you in your life, what is holding you back? It’s time to analyze, and take action to purge those things from your life. You can do this consciously and harness this power. However, things that are meant to happen will happen regardless of what you do. So, either work with the energy or get “worked” by it.

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