What does your mars say about you?

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What does your Mars say about you?

Mars is your energy and your passion. It’s also what brings you courage, and drives you. In relationship, it’s where we see our ideal man, or male partner. Do you know what sign your mars is in? If not, you can look it up here: http://tinyurl.com/marstable-scopem

Mars in Aries

You are very confident, sexy and brave. You won’t back down from a fight, and often look for physical expressions for your passions. Sports, explosions, war.

Mars in Taurus

You are very stubborn but persistent. Kind of snobby too. You are very slow to anger, well, slow with everything. But once you are done with something, good luck with ANYONE changing your mind.

Mars in Gemini

You love a good mental challenge, and are attracted to intellect. You can be very kinky- but also mean. You have an amazing ability to over intellectualize everything.

Mars in Cancer

You are moody and change your mind often. You are very subtle when you want something and sneaky. You like to keep your emotions hidden until you are sure about something, or feel safe.

Mars in Leo

You love in a big way, and low to show off too. You are attracted to people who you can be proud of or admire. You have a fiery temper, but are very forgiving too. You are proud and can get offended easily.

Mars in Virgo

You are picky picky picky when it comes to who you love. Your anger comes off as petty and you spend your energy trying to fix and perfect things.

Mars in Libra

You are very flirty, and charming. You sure can be charming, but maddening at the same time! You are passionate about things being fair, and love a good debate. You love to stir up trouble, just to calm things down.

Mars in Scorpio

You are passionate and sensual, and love to investigate whatever you feel passionate about. You are scary when mad. You are that loyal friend who will bring vengeance when it’s deserved.

Mars in Sagittarius

You’re an idealist, and unfairness makes you crazy. You seek constant knowledge and travel is your passion. You will be straight up honest with your lovers, for while you don’t like to be tied down, you like to leave everyone better off than when you met.

Mars in Capricorn

You are calm, calculated, and your anger must serve a purpose. You love things that are useful and people who can serve your long term desires. You will get what you want, it might take time, but you will get there.

Mars in Aquarius

You love on a very large scale, but when it comes to intimacy you back off. You use anger to push people away. You love things that are interesting and quirky, or new and exciting.

Mars in Pisces

You are shy and gentle, and look for the path of least resistance. Anger doesn’t come easy for you because you are so understanding, but when it does, you often don’t let people know and turn it inward and risk taking it out on yourself.

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